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House Church Leaders


Joshua and Eileen Diaz

Joshua and Eileen were installed as campus pastors of a Rock church campus on November 10th, 2019. As of 2023, Joshua and Eileen adopted a new ministry model of The Rock which is House Churches! They love seeing ministry happening in homes and made the decision to do a House Church in their home in Emmett Township.

Before moving to Michigan, they both were on staff at The Rock in Anaheim California. Their most recent roles in Anaheim were Jr. High Pastors and also Eileen served on staff as an executive assistant.

A passion of Joshua is to see people grow in their gifts and callings and a passion of Eileen is to teach people how to manage their personal finances. They both love to see people fall in love with Jesus and their heart is to see the mission of the Rock accomplished in Battle Creek Michigan: Building Solid Lives!

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